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Constructing a Cybersecurity Triangle.

A comprehensive cybersecurity plan can be visualized as an equilateral triangle. Just like the equilateral triangle is constructed of three sides identical in length, each of the three walls of the security triangle represent equally important pieces of the puzzle. Much like eating a wellbalanced diet requires incorporating items from all areas of the food pyramid, building a robust cybersecurity strategy requires implementing products from each of the three sides of the security triangle. Adding multiple products from one side and none from another will result in gaps within your security approach

At the bottom of the security triangle is the human firewall. End users stand between your endpoints and the adversaries trying to access them. They are the gateway into your organization. Strong security strategies must incorporate information security training for all users. However, even the most cybersavvy users aren’t immune to human error and can fall victim to phishing attacks. That is why a robust security plan can’t rely on user training alone.

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On the right side of the security triangle sit the control tools. These are the Zero Trust tools that provide proactive protection. Based on the rules you set, tools on this side of the triangle stop unwanted behavior instead of relying on machine intelligence to recognize and react to it. Firewalls control access to your network. Application Allowlisting dictates which applications can run in your environment. Ringfencing™ restricts what those permitted applications can access and interact with once they are running. Privileged access management (PAM) regulates the use of admin privileges. While proactive control tools provide effective protection, a robust cybersecurity approach will never solely rely on controls from a single side of the security triangle.

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When selecting the ThreatLocker® Endpoint Protection Platform to cover the control side of the triangle, you’re choosing a powerful front line of defense. Administered correctly, ThreatLocker® stops known and unknown threats, taking care of the heavy lifting. This leaves the tools on the detection and human sides of the triangle to serve as a backup defense. ThreatLocker® pairs well with the built-in Windows antivirus, subscription antiviruses, NextGen AVs, or EDRs/ XDRs/MDRs. Select your desired detection product based on your organization’s needs and budget. This detection technology won’t see much action with ThreatLocker® at the forefront of your defense. By implementing the ThreatLocker® Endpoint Protection Platform for control, a detection tool to serve as backup, and security training to help prevent human errors, you can provide first-class protection for your organization’s environment.

Introducing Zero Trust

A & A Consulting is introducing Zero Trust Endpoint Protection Solution. Our solution modules will help you to protect your Endpoints from
  • Remote Access Attacks
  • Malware Prevention
  • Data Theft Prevention
  • Information Technology Disputes
  • As part of an ongoing effort to ensure all systems are secure, we are now adding a Zero Trust approach to your security stack. As attackers become more sophisticated, so do the complexities in stopping software-based threats. The techniques and solutions we are implementing are regularly adopted by large governments and other enterprise organizations. As your managed service provider, we understand the use of a higher grade of security is fundamental in protecting you from the latest threats.

    What is Zero Trust?

    Zero Trust is a security framework which states that organizations should not trust any entity inside or outside of their perimeter at any time. It is necessary in today’s environment to provide the visibility and IT controls needed to secure, manage and monitor every device, user, app and network being used to access business data

    What Does This Mean for You?

    As of today, ThreatLocker® will be running on your PCs, and blocking any unapproved software, including ransomware, viruses, and other malicious software. Should you run any applications that are not approved, you will receive a notification prompting you to request access or ignore if it’s not needed for your day-to-day business functions. Selecting the “Request Access” button will notify us. We will review the request and ensure the application is not malicious in nature and approve if appropriate. As such, it is vital to let us know in advance if you need any new software installed by entering a ticket with the service desk

    ThreatLocker® Helps With:

  • Layered Security
  • Ransomware
  • Prevention
  • Compliance
  • Internal Disputes
  • Storage Control
  • Data Privacy
  • Remote Access Attacks Solution .

    A & A introducing new offering EDR (Endpoint Detection Response) for remote access to your systems for outside users and partners is a vital solution for your businesses, because it’s also a fertile avenue of attack for cybercriminals. A & A solution sees to it that even authorized visitors to your servers and systems can’t deliberately or unintentionally let malware in your IT Infrastructure. Our solution can help you to:

    Remote Access Attacks Solution :

    Eliminate the need to grant blanket access as our solution creates policies for organizations or unique users .

    Control of Unknown Apps:

    It can unobtrusively control the applications of trusted visitors to prevent cybercriminals piggybacking into your applications

    Protect Remote Assets:

    Our solution is fully compatible with remote desktops and Citrix servers so employees can work securely from anywhere

    Malware Prevention Solution

    In your organization ransomware and other malicious software can copy or encrypt your files in a few minutes. Our solution uses a more logical approach to stop viruses and malware from affecting your business. Our Application Control uses a combination of Default Deny and Ringfencing™ to protect your business from known and unknown malware threats.

    Zero-Day Attacks:

    A & A Solution protects against vulnerabilities that haven’t even been discovered yet.

    Macro Viruses:

    Malware embedded in trusted programs like Office can't overcome our vendor provide Ringfencing™.

    Fileless Malware:

    Even malware that hides in memory can’t sneak in; if its code isn’t on the trusted list, it isn’t getting access


    Ringfencing™ lets you dictate how apps interact with data; if a program, ANY program, tries to encrypt data it isn’t authorized to, it will be blocked.

    Data Theft Prevention Solution

    It is important to know what is happening on your data storage devices at all times. Without you in the know, you risk these devices being left wide open to a cyber attack. A & A Solution not only lets you track and control external data access (e.g., via the internet) but internal access as well. When your security team has complete visibility over your data storage, they will be able to block data theft before it happens.

    Control Physical Copying:

    With the right solution it will provide Storage Control policies in place, a bad actor on your premises with a USB drive won’t be able to copy a thing

    Monitor Access:

    See who is accessing your files and when with detailed reports generated in real time by our solution

    Restrict Applications:

    Let only trusted apps access your data, as determined by your custom policies.

    Information Technology Disputes

    With remote working on the rise, and the need for employees to be able to work anywhere, anytime, the need to track their computer activities is becoming increasingly important. A & A Solution will enable you to have visibility and control over the files and applications users are accessing on a day-to-day basis. With our solution you can.

    Track File Access:

    Get detailed, real-time reports on who accessed data and what they did with it.

    Track Changes and Deletions:

    Thorough records for any file type let you see the complete history of your data.

    Block Unauthorized Apps:

    Our solution cab create custom policies to let you block any applications you want, regardless of if they are malware or not